CIW Web Foundations Associate

  • کد آزمون : 1D0-610
  • تعداد سوالات : 90
  • نمره قبولی : 63.33%
  • مدت زمان : 90 دقیقه
  • هزینه مدرک :
  • پیش نیاز :
    • آشنایی با کامپیوتر

توضیح درباره مدرک

The CIW Web Foundations series of courses is the most popular vendor-neutral Web education program in the world. Individuals who have completed all three Foundations courses have mastered more than mere digital literacy skills: They have a unique understanding of Internet business, data networking and Web site design. Certified CIW Web Foundations Associates have validated their understanding of important technologies that affect virtually every business. This certification is ideal for all professionals who use the Internet on the job. Once certified, these individuals are ready to pursue specialties in Web design, e-commerce, JavaScript, databases and other fields.

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